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John Thomas Jones

John T. Jones is the son of the following couple:

1. Abel Jones. 1816 - 1866.
2. Martha Ann Underwood. 1814 - 1872.

John and his brother Rees married sisters. Rees married Caroline Rhoades. John married her sister, Matilda Rhodes.

John and Matilda married in Edina, Knox County, Missouri on December 3, 1861. Their children were as follows:

1. Infant (probably named Charles). Born August 31, 1862 or more likely February 10, 1863. Died one month later on March 10, 1863.
2. Caroline (Carrie) Belle Jones was born October 17, 1863.
3. Alexander (Alec) Oliver Jones was born June 4, 1866.
4. Martha (Mattie) Hester Jones was born February 14, 1872.

John and Matilda's grandchildren are as follows:

Carrie Belle and her husband Frank Lowe had seven children who were as follows:

1. Guy Whittemore Lowe. Born July 22nd, 1885.
2. Anna (Ann) Leach Lowe. Born February 19, 1888.
3. Franklin (Alex) Alexander Lowe. Born Feb. 16, 1890.
4. Alliance Belle Lowe. Born February 23rd, 1892.
5. Beatrice Estella Lowe. Born March 4, 1894.
6. William Bryan Lowe. Born October 23, 1896.
7. Georgia Belle Lowe. Born June 2, 1899.

Many of the Lowes married and produced children of their own.

Alec married Parkfield's Viola May Redmond, sister of the famous deaf-mute artist, Granville S. Redmond, on June 1st 1891. Alec and May had two children:

1. Carrie Lavina Jones. Born March 18th, 1892.
2. Edward Munson Jones. Born in 1896 (possibly died at birth).

Edward Munson died as an infant on November 8, 1896 due to a premature birth or “want of vitality”. Alec died of consumption (tuberculosis) complicated by "lung fever" (pneumonia) on February 23, 1897 at the age of 30. Carrie was thrown from a horse and died between 1902 and 1906. She died at the age of 10 per her tombstone and at the age of 13 per family accounts. May remarried. She and her second husband James Lancaster lived in Los Angeles. They had a son named Hayden in 1902. May died on May 11, 1947 in Los Angeles.

Mattie married John Robertson Work in 1889. John assembled a 10,000 acre ranch in upper Ranchita Canyon near San Miguel, California. The Work children were as follows:

1. Angela (Gela) Matilda Work. Born June 6, 1892.
2. John Thomas Work. Born January 2, 1894.
3. Robertson (Robert) Rhodes Work. Born Dec. 3, 1895.
4. Janet Belle Work. Born March 11, 1897.
5. Alice Marie Work. Born June 14, 1900.

Only Robert married. Both he and his wife Mard are included in the Find-a-Grave indexes.

John T. Jones owned a small ranch in Lowes Canyon near San Miguel in California.

During his lifetime, John knew Abraham Lincoln. He also knew George Donner, the leader of the ill-fated Donner Party whose wagon train became trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains because they did not make it over the pass before the winter snows set in.

John Jones died of consumption (tuberculosis) at home in Lowes Canyon near San Miguel on April 5, 1901 at age 67. He is buried in the Lowe Plot in the San Miguel Cemetery.


Abel Jones. 1816 - 1866.
Martha Ann Underwood. 1814 - 1872


Matilda Cecelia Rhodes Jones Hanna (1843 - 1927)


Caroline Belle Jones Lowe (1863 - 1945)
Alexander Oliver Jones (1866 - 1897)
Martha Hester Jones Work (1872 - 1960


June 12, 1833
Sangamon County
Illinois, USA


April 5, 1901
San Miguel
San Luis Obispo County
California, USA


San Miguel District Cemetery
San Miguel
San Luis Obispo County
California, USA
Plot: F.E. Lowe Plat. Grave 8 counting from south to north

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John D. Curtis
Martinez, California

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