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Terry Smith

A Remembrance
Written in loving memory
By a cousin, Lonnie Mair (July ,2022)

The Shedd family like so many of its generation had a number of children,

Some more than 20 years older than their brothers and sisters.

Thus, the early Shedd children had their own children,

Much earlier than their younger siblings.

Terry Smith was the youngest of the first wave of cousins,

Who now have joined his older brothers in death.

Terry was the youngest son of Lola Shedd and Roy Smith.

He was a U.S. Naval officer, a skilled pilot, and later a lawyer of some renown.

More than once his skills were tested in service to his fellow man,

In ministry, and service, to his church, as well as his own extended family.

More than once he responded to his cousin’s call for help,

And stood in their place when a lawyer was necessary.

His unfailing good humor was always an aide,

And made him a favorite cousin, brother, family member.

A valued advocate for all who were privileged to know him.

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