British Isles



Maritime Jewels of the British Isles


Jean & Dan Wheeler


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Ralph & Carolyn Williams







Day 1

Depart U.S. - Kansas City To Aberdeen, Scotland

Day 2

Aberdeen Castlegate Square, Aberdeen, Scotland

Day 3

Explore Aberdeen Embark ship Destination: Aberdeen

Day 4

Explore the Orkney Isles Visit Skara Brae, West Mainland Orkney

Day 5

Orkney Isles A Day in the Life of an Orkney sheep farm Sheep dog herding a flock, Kissane farm, Ireland

Day 6

Explore the Isle of Lewis Conversation with a Syrian refugee family on a proposed mosque on the predominantly Christian island Callanish Stones

Day 7

Isle of Mull Croft visit Hike in Tobermory Gaelic choir performance

Day 8

Islay   Whisky distillery visit and tasting Conversation with two local whisky distillers

Day 9

Explore Belfast, Northern Ireland   Black cab ride with local drivers

Day 10

Visit sheep farm Ullswater, Lake District, England

Day 11

Explore the Isle of Man

Day 12

Orkney Isles Visit Skara Brae, West Mainland

Day 13

Disembark ship Costwold village Overland to Oxford

Day 14

Explore Oxford

Day 15

Return to U.S.







British Isles
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