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Updated 8/5/19

Manly & Sarah Shedd Family

Shedd Web Sites:

Note:  Most of the websites linked to on this page are NOT part of the Shedd family website maintained by Dan Wheeler.  The people maintaining these websites may have changed their page address, or even removed their page from the internet.

Addresses of Relatives and Near Relatives not in Dan & Jean Wheeler Address Book

A Gift to the City of Lowell - Freeman Ballard Shedd A.D. 1910 - #613 Daniel Shed Genealogy
Shedd Park
The Belvidere Neighborhood Association
Concord River Greenway

Calvin Shedd Letters Index - #599 Daniel Shed Genealog

Charles Shedd - #542 Daniel Shed Genealogy

Harry H. Shedd - #425 Daniel Shed Genealogy
    Shedd Cemetery, Spring Creek Road, Three Oaks Township, Michigan

John Graves Shedd - #723 Daniel Shed Genealogy

Kendrick Philander Shedd - #706 Daniel Shed Genealogy

Manly & Sarah (Closson) Shedd Family Web Site

Nathan Shedd - #65 Daniel Shed Genealogy

Shedd Porter Memorial Library - Page 474 Daniel Shed Genealogy

Shedd Free Library - Washington, New Hampshire