Day 8 Iron Gates, Romania Day of Leisurely Cruising Life Under Communism Discussion

You have a day of leisurely cruising, and a good opportunity to observe life along the banks of the Danube from your comfortable deck chair as your Program Director provides insights about the region. After breakfast, enjoy a bridge commentary about the Danube River. Later in the morning, join us in an exclusive Discovery Series discussion on Life Under Communism with your Program Director. Then, after lunch onboard, join the chef in the galley (the ship's kitchen) for a special tour.

Throughout the day, you'll cruise along a stretch of the Danube that was once a raging river pounding through deep gorges. In the 1960s, Yugoslavia and Romania cooperated on a joint venture that raised the level of the Danube with a series of hydroelectric dams called the Iron Gates. The Danube is now placid between the Iron Gates, the craggy two-mile long gorge now underwater. In the morning, you'll pass through Iron Gate II; you'll continue through Iron Gate I later this afternoon.


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