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The Following is a series of articles written by Barbara Roberts - A descendent of Daniel Shed.

Since my aunt (she was 100+ years young) died a few weeks ago, my cousins have asked for me to tell them some family stories. Most are probably only of interest to the family but this one might be of interest to a wider audience in part because it is relevant to today's situation in Iraq and to the Moslem/Christian debate. Also some of the links are just generally informative about that region of the world. I am summarizing a book I have about my cousin William Ambrose Shedd. He was a missionary to Nestorians in Persia before and during WWI. He protected about 250,000 Armenians in his missionary compound until the Russian Revolution - the Armenians use his book to show that there was an Armenian genocide.


This story is about a cousin of ours named William Ambrose Shedd (WAS). The story of his life was documented by his second wife who outlived him. It is called "The Measure of a Man" William Ambrose Shedd of Persia by Mary Lewis Shedd. This book is presently being used by Armenians to prove that there was a genocide - see http://www.armeniapedia.org/index.php?title=Several_American_Missionaries_Dead_-nyt19150918

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Updated 4/8/06